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Our story About LynkSavvy

LynkSavvy Technologies is a new company offering software products for fraud and anomaly detection. Our proprietary algorithms along with open source technologies use advanced network analytics methods to identify suspicious and anomalous behaviour in a group of connected entities.

What we have ? Range of Products

Mobile Call Data Analysis System

The mobile call data analysis system is our first product. It is designed for use by police forces and other law enforcement agencies to analyse massive amounts of cellular communication records to identify central figures in a connected network.

LynkSavvy Entity Resolution

Entity resolution is the process of linking digital entities to real world entities. LynkSavvy Entity Resolution system is a enterprise intelligence platform to automatically analyse massive amounts of personal, corporate, proprieatry and open source data to identify relationships between connected entities. This allows analysts to identify complex money laundering activities and risky transactions on a near real time basis.

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