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About Us

LynkSavvy Technologies is a new company offering software products for fraud and anomaly detection. Our proprietary algorithms along with open source technologies use advanced network analytics methods to identify suspicious and anomalous behaviour in a group of connected entities.
The mobile call data analysis system is our first product. It is designed for use by police forces and other law enforcement agencies to analyse massive amounts of cellular communication records to identify central figures in a connected network.

TEAM Who we are

We are a new small enterprise in the domain of social network analysis. Our team of consultants have extensive experience in building real world automated solutions to identify fraudulent/anomalous behaviour on near real time basis.
We believe that through better understanding of geographical, temporal and other context, better insights can be derived while at the same time saving time and money by identifying the most anomalous behaviour. LynkSavvy connects the dots by using advance network analytics allowing analysts to see the bigger picture and derive real insights from your data.